Request availability directly from InterviewPlanner!

When it comes to scheduling an interview, the step that requires the most back-and-forth with a candidate is asking them for what times they're available. This can add hours and potentially days to the amount of time it takes to schedule them.

Request availability directly from InterviewPlanner!

Some ATSs have the ability to request availability, but it's usually a barebones calendar that allows selecting timeframes. While you can pass along a message to the candidate with the common recommendations (e.g., the interview will last 3 hours so submit at least that much, submit 2-3 available slots in case the first time doesn't work out, etc), there's nothing that would enforce that. Until now.

We're excited to announce the ability to request availability directly from InterviewPlanner! This is a workflow that was made with the coordinator in mind, while also improving the candidate experience. You can set time windows, an advanced notice buffer to avoid last-minute scheduling, minimum durations, and more! And for every requirement, we make it clear to the candidate as they're entering their availability.

candidate facing availability page
The candidate-facing availability page

We believe this will help a lot with a key part of the process, but it's also laying a foundation for us. In the future, we hope to add self-scheduling capabilities, so candidates can book time directly from this page, and they'll be able to reschedule and cancel interviews themselves as well, all while checking with the interviewer's calendar to make sure they're available as well.

If you're interested in learning more about how InterviewPlanner can help your team schedule faster and more efficiently, you can request a demo, and we can show you what the platform can do!