InterviewPlanner goes live!

We're excited to announce that InterviewPlanner is officially launching today! This means you can request a demo right now and see how much easier it is to schedule interviews.

InterviewPlanner goes live!

Our initial set of features are ones that we found to be the most essential when scheduling. We integrate with Google Calendar to pull your employees' and rooms' calendars, and we sync with Greenhouse to know which candidates need to be scheduled for specific stages in the interview process. Based on interviewer and candidate availability, we determine all of the possible ways that you can book the interviews, so that you can review it before sending out all the calendar invites. Also, we curate an actionable task list for you so that you'll always know who needs to be scheduled next.

We also made sure that our initial offering included integration with Zoom as well, now that almost all interviews are happening remotely. So after you've selected a time that works best with everyone, a single click will include a Zoom Meeting URL in the calendar invites sent to the candidate and the interviewers.

But this is just the beginning. Soon, we hope to add support to request candidate availability directly from InterviewPlanner so that we can pull it automatically when we start scheduling. We also intend on integrating with more services so that we fit more smoothly into your existing workflows. Our goal is to build a comprehensive solution for recruiting coordinators and recruiters. We hope that by using our tool, you don't have to keep jumping from app to app.

You can request a demo, or if you're looking for more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us here.